Hi there, and welcome to Olive Out of the Jar!  I’m Olive, a home-made chef that cooks quick, healthy meals for my little family!

grad-pic Professional:

In my kitchen I may be a chef, but I’m also a graduate student at Lynn University and a full-time employee at Indian River State College (IRSC).  As much as I’m passionate about cooking, I am also about marketing. I’ve been working diligently on my online MBA in Marketing and will graduate in the Summer of 2018!
At IRSC I serve as the Program Assistant to the Take Stock in Children Program: A non-profit organization in Florida that provides scholarships, mentors, and hope to deserving low-income youth/students to escape the cycle of poverty through education.  To get involved with Take Stock in Children, click here!
On the side, I manage social media accounts for MyCruiseCareer.com and do some freelance marketing work. Check out my Résumé &  Follow me on LinkedIn !kittensbraces-couple


My house is not a home without my loving and supportive boyfriend Austin, and our two fur babies- Kylo and Mosby.  Austin has been my official taste tester since January 2016, and that probably has to do with why he’s stuck around! 😉  We’ve had both of our boys since they were kittens, and thankfully they have become best friends.  Kylo, our all black, feisty kitty, was named after Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (what Austin and I saw together on our first date!).  Mosby, our sweet stripey kitty, was named after Ted Mosby from our favorite tv show- How I Met Your Mother, although we mostly just call him “Kitten.”

Dietary Info:

In our household we both struggle with some gastro-issues, so a lot of my recipes will use dairy and gluten substitutes. We’re personal fans of almond and soy milk! I also am a proud adult-braces-wearer who will be undergoing surgery in Summer 2017, which will play a factor into the types of foods I make as well. I’ll fill you in on my journey-to-jaw-surgery on my Olive Out of the Kitchen page!

A few of my favorite things:

• Starbucks • New Girl • Mac and Cheese • Writing • Traveling • Trying new restaurants • The color pink • Cats • Tattoos • Binge-watching Netflix with Austin • Horror films • Graphic design • Learning languages • The Episode app • Pinterest DIYs.

I hope you find something yummy, interesting, and funny on my blog. If you don’t, leave me a suggestion on my contact form!
Thanks for stopping by!